Trisha Olow - childbirth class

“Birth is the climax of a long period of transition which we call pregnancy, when a woman becomes a mother and a fetus becomes a child.  In just a few hours the mysterious life within becomes a real, breathing, crying baby- a son or daughter, a sister or brother.  How we welcome our children into the world reflects our highest hopes and dreams for them.”

“In a sense, birth is also the birth of a mother who, like the fetus, has been growing into her new self as her belly swelled.  How do we want to become mothers?  What kind of experience will this be for ourselves, our families and our babies?  For a woman who is giving birth for the first time, and might give birth only once in her life, the events of these few hours and the choices she makes can have particular significance.”  ~Carroll Dunham et al , Mamatoto-A Celebration of Birth