1. My husband and I were so blessed to have had Trisha as our doula. We decided that it would be wise to have a doula since this was our first baby and neither of us had family nearby. We are so glad that we did! Trisha met with us at our home twice before my due date. Trisha is so warm, down to earth and knowledgeable, and she soon put our minds at ease that she would be there with us every step of the way.

    Unfortunately, my labor was very long and difficult. Trisha was there by our side the entire time (which ended up being more than 30 hours…). Having Trisha there was like having a family member right by our side to help and support us. In fact, when some difficult decisions had to be made, my husband and I both asked Trisha to stay in the room because she had become a part of our close family unit.

    Although our baby is almost 9 months old, I am still in contact with Trisha. This isn’t just a job to her. It really is Trisha’s calling and she truly cares about each family that she serves.

    I also had Trisha encapsulate my placenta. I ended up having a c-section and my body wasn’t in great shape after the procedure. I definitely feel like the capsules helped with fatigue, maintaining my milk supply, thwarting off postpartum depression and helping my body to recuperate. I would definitely recommend placenta encapsulation to all new moms who will need all the help that they can get!


  2. Well, my journey started in October 23rd 2013 at Best Start and I was excited to try a water birth rather then going to the hospital. I went a full 2 weeks (full term) after my due date and had to take castor oil to get me started with contractions and I tell you what, it worked and the castor oil came on quick and strong. Took an hour from Murrieta to San Diego. That felt like the longest ride of my life! When I got to best start I tried to deal with the Contractions but they were too strong and painful . I unfortunately had to transfer from best start to the hospital because I needed a epidural. I was really sad about that. Well I think it was 18 hours later I gave birth naturally, which I was happy about that at least! We had our cooler with ice and the placenta in a bag ready for Trisha to come pick up. With no hesitation she came real quickly and took my placenta for prepping. She came later and surprised me with the umbilical cord dehydrated and shaped into a heart which made me tear up with joy, that was special to me! Then a pressed picture of the placenta whole on paper, that was cool and interesting. And I got a tincture as well! Trisha and her expertise with placenta encapsulation did me well. Taking the placenta helped me come back to earth after giving birth and I didn’t feel lack of nutrition and hormones cause I was able to get all of it back inside of me and plus made me lots of milk for my baby. And I probably would’ve had some kind of postpartum blues because of the way I am but I didnt! So I know it works! I recommend Trisha to anyone that wants to experience a really experienced, really nice and soft spoken, down to earth woman she’s just the one! Next time I get pregnant I’m calling her and I’m putting all my faith into her because she is absolutely trust worthy. She will provide you with the knowledge and comfort you will need to experience the best enjoyable time of your life!

  3. First of all I will suggest that if you plan to have a birth with no epidural get a doula. It is worth the investment. If I had not had a doula probably I would had done the epidural and panic. Second, in my opinion Trisha’s strongest quality is that she has a strong presence and transmits confidence. This made me feel safe and supported during my labor.
    Third, she comes with a lot of experience. We gave birth at UCSD and she knew the nurse and she had been in births with several of the midwives at UCSD hillcrest. She knew also her way around the hospital.
    During my son’s birth there was a moment when I felt that the baby was coming and we were waiting for the midwife to arrive. At that moment the nurse entered and when Trisha said hi to her, Trisha told me: ” Don’t worry, if the baby comes now, this is the best nurse, I know her, she can assist the delivery, she is like a midwife” What a great gift, that our doula knew the nurse and had seen her work before. I cannot tell you how reassuring was to hear this comment when I was about to panic.
    Trisha also reminded me to keep focused and reminded me to listen to my husband when I was nervous. She asked the nurse to bring a cd player for my music, she asked for everything I needed and she met us on time. She was also available on the phone and we talked and texted several times the week before the birth. In fact, her advice helped me to relax and get into labor.
    We also took a class with her at Best Start, even though we did not delivered there and she knows her stuff! She gave us several tips to use during labor and for the weeks before labor. She knows what she is talking about and her advice was very helpful to get ready for labor.
    If you are considering her, interview her and see if you connect with her. She was recommended to us by a friend of us who used her services twice.
    She also did our placenta encapsulation and it was worth every penny. The capsules felt like a shot of energy, I had a lot of milk and no postpartum depression.
    I will be forever grateful because Trisha supported me in having an amazing birth and this is a memory that I will always treasure.

  4. I knew from the moment I met Trisha (at the Birth Center tour) I wanted her to be our doula! She is gentle, calm and so nurturing and exactly what we needed during labor and delivery. Trisha came to our home for two pre-natal visits to get to know us, provided great resources and labor techniques, and a wonderful foot massage! When the day arrived, Trisha was in contact with us over the phone providing much needed support and advice until we needed her to come to our home. When she arrived, we were both instantly relieved to see her. She worked with us and was key in identifying that I was “working too hard” to progress my labor. She recommended a few of her great techniques and pretty soon after, we were ready to go to the birth center. Trisha was by our side continuing to work with the midwife and birth assistant at the birth center and everything progressed smoothly. After delivery, Trisha identified right away that my son was nursing a little strangely. She was right! He had tongue-tie. Only a doula with so much experience would have been able to detect that! We selected Trisha because of her vast experience, positivity, calm and nurturing disposition. We also decided to have Trisha encapsulate my placenta and the capsules were delivered to our home the very next day. For our last post-partum appointment, Trisha brought a goodie bag and we had a wonderful visit. We would not have had the birth experience we had envisioned without Trisha by our side.

  5. Finally getting long enough naps to write a review. We can’t say enough good things about Trisha. She was so helpful and quick. She did our placenta encapsulation and brought them to us. She made the whole process really easy. She truly loves what she does.

  6. Trisha, IS the most amazing doula in the market. She was my doula for each of my THREE children, and all three birth experiences are different and awesome in their own way because she had a huge part of it. If you’re a first-time Mom, Trisha is a must-have because she will be your spoke-person when the time comes that you are no longer able to make any sense of your surrounding. How blessed am I to have her during my first birth (transported at the hospital via ambulance after lack of progress from the birth center). I was so scared because I did not expect to birth at the hospital, let alone, be stuck at 6cm. Trisha helped me get my composure together and with her expertise, I was able to birth naturally (the way I have hoped and planned to be) without epidural. I cannot believe that I was able to go through such strong contractions (I had to get induced to progress my labor) but with Trisha on my side, anything, and everything is possible! Trisha has such a kind heart, you won’t go wrong in choosing her as your doula. She is not only very educated with the birthing process and lactation, she is also very warm and trustworthy, which are very important qualities when you’re looking for a doula. My second birth with Trisha was amazing as well, it was the first time that I had my placenta encapsulated. Trisha made sure I had my precious capsules just in time for me to go back to nursing school (3 days post-partum). Those placenta capsules are amazing! It’s what gave me energy to resume clinicals and take care of my toddler and my new baby, plenty of milk to pump during the day and nurse at night, NO post-partum blues, and light on bleeding. I cannot express my gratitude enough for Trisha for accommodating my placenta the third time I gave birth (6 weeks ago). Without these amazing pills, I would not have passed my boards and become an RN, BSN at five weeks post-partum! Trisha is not just a doula, she is also a friend and a mentor 🙂 So if you’re looking for the best package around, hire Trisha and you won’t regret! If you need further reference, I would be more than happy to talk to you and your partner about Trisha’s amazing abilities.

  7. I gave birth to my first child in July and Trisha Olow did the placenta encapsulation for me which I would highly recommend. When I let her know that I had the baby and were back home she made arrangements to come over as soon as possible to start the process. This happened to also be on the 4th of July and I appreciated so much that she made the drive to my place on one of the busiest days of the year! She was so thorough explaining to us everything that she was doing. She was prepared and had the entire process down to a fine science. She was fantastic to work with. Both my husband and I were extremely impressed. I had a very long labor and was already lacking sleep before my baby was born and I was concerned about starting out life as a parent this way. It was amazing how great I felt during this time when taking the placenta capsules. Even with a lack of sleep I felt great, excited to be a new mom and was healed from my delivery within the first 2-3 weeks. I had heard other stories from my friends who had taken months to start feeling this good again so I am so thankful for Trisha and the amazing job that she did with the encapsulation process. I do plan on having another child in the future and I know that Trisha will be one of the first calls I make once the baby is born!

  8. I absolutely recommend Trisha! She is incredible! Her experience speaks for itself & we instantly felt that she was someone we could fully trust to help us through the delivery of our first baby. On each of our at-home visits with Trisha she educated us, gave us an opportunity to ask questions, and helped us feel very comfortable with our birth plan. She also gave me a refreshing peppermint foot bath & foot massage – pure heaven when you’re 38 weeks pregnant! I called her quite a few times – as I was a very nervous first time mom – and she took all my questions and concerns very seriously and was always able to put my mind at ease. Each interaction we had with her before our birth – completely affirmed that Trisha was the best choice for us!

    Unfortunately, our birth did not go according to plan, and thank God we had Trisha – we just would not have made it through our 49 hour labor without her! We were exhausted, frustrated, and disappointed…and were just so thankful that she was there to give us emotional support and be the calm in the storm that we very much needed. She was able to guide us & give us clear information to help us understand what was going on so that we could make the best decisions for our baby. And I’m so pleased to report that we have a very happy, healthy baby boy!

    I also want to recommend taking advantage of Trisha’s ability to make placenta capsules. I really believe they helped me through my recovery and gave me the energy I needed to take care of my new little miracle! My husband almost stole a few for himself because he couldn’t believe I was feeling so good! 🙂

    Trisha is a genuine, compassionate, well-educated, fabulous woman and we feel so blessed that she was by our side through-out the most miraculous experience of our lives!

  9. Trisha did a wonderful job with encapsulating my placenta in June 2011. She came to my house only twice with her own equipment and left everything cleaner than when she came. While things were “cooking,” she talked with me and volunteered to watch the baby while I took a nap. Trisha then left me with two jars full of capsules complete with dosage instructions. The whole thing required no energy on my part and all I had to do was be home. I’ll be using her again next time!

  10. I wish to write this testimonial in order to let others know what a great experience I had. This past June I had my first child and decided to have my placenta encapsulated. I am very happy I found Trisha for many reasons. First, she was able to schedule a visit to my home promptly — my daughter was born Friday and Trisha came Saturday. She came organized and ready to handle business: she transports everything in a large, rolling suitcase which meant she didn’t even need a hand! Beforehand, she let us know that she had everything but I didn’t realize that when she said everything she meant everything. When she was cleaning up afterward, she even used her own sponge and cleaning supplies! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this. I think she left our kitchen cleaner than it was when she arrived. She provided constant communication during the process and while she was away from our home (process takes two days). Finally, the packaging for my pills was very cute and professional. I will be doing this again after each of my future children and am certain I will be calling Trisha.

  11. I was lucky to find Trisha Olow when searching for a doula for the birth of my daughter. Trisha came well prepared and was able to answer all of my questions and concerns about the impending labor. She is an extremely kind and caring person, and I was able to immediately relax in her presence. As a first time Mom-to-Be I was very nervous about what was to come, and had my own ideas about how I wanted the labor to play out. Trisha was great at identifying how we could accomplish my goals for the birth, while also providing me additional information and advice that I had not considered. My labor ended up being quite difficult, and Trisha was there to encourage me, provide support, and really advocate on my behalf when it came time to make medical decisions for the labor. I was extremely relieved to have Trisha with me during the birth, and would recommend Trisha to anyone interested in doula services. In fact, if I happen to get pregnant again, I will be looking Trisha up for another round!

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